How to Use These Resources

This guide includes resources for individuals within schools, colleges and units to raise awareness of the university’s core values. These resources serve as a springboard for conversations about how these values can be demonstrated at the local level. Choose three to five of these resources to use, review or discuss within your area.

Videos and Guided Team Discussions

Watch one or more of the videos about the university’s core values.

Engage your team in a conversation about any of these videos using the Conversation Club format.

Example discussion questions:

  • What did you think of the video?
  • How can it apply to our daily work?
  • What are we currently doing that is aligned with U-M’s core values?
  • What is one thing we can do in our team to help promote this topic?
  • Who else might benefit from this information?
  • What are other topics we should consider discussing in the future?
Culture Change Courses
Culture Journey Podcast

Listen to the podcast trailer for the upcoming Culture Journey: Engaging Our Community series. Stay tuned for episodes launching in January!

Culture Journey: Engaging Our Community Podcast

Zoom Backgrounds and Other Digital Resources

Zoom backgrounds

Agenda templates

You will be prompted to make a copy of the Google Doc:

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