Help spread the word and use these templates to promote the university’s core values. The downloadable templates here will ease the process for you while preserving the distinctive look and feel of the U-M brand.

Email Template

image of Culture Journey email template

To edit and send the email:

  1. Select the email template, it will open the preview file
  2. Take your cursor and click on any part of the email template
  3. Hit ⌘ + A (or control + A for Windows) to ‘select all’ of the template
  4. Hit ⌘ + C (or control + C for Windows) to ‘copy’ the template
  5. Open a new email and hit ⌘ + V (or control + V for Windows) to ‘paste’ the template in the body of the email
  6. Edit the text as you see fit and send!

Zoom Backgrounds

Culture Journey Zoom background values

Culture Journey Zoom background frame

Email Signature Mark

Slide Deck

You will be prompted to make a copy of the Google Slides deck:

Agenda Templates

You will be prompted to make a copy of the Google Doc:

Printable Posters and Flyers

Image of core values and clarifying statements poster


U-M core values with behaviors that do and do not represent each value light background


  • Place a Culture Journey swag order for your department