Purpose: Explore the U-M core values by watching one of the six values videos and engage your team in meaningful discussion about what the values mean for your school, college, unit or team.

Group size: 4-40 participants (If the overall group is larger than 12 people, we suggest breaking into smaller discussion groups of 4-5 people)

Timing: Approximately 30 minutes

Resources needed:  Core Values videos

Mode: In-person, hybrid or remote

  1. Choose one of the following videos for your team to watch:
    a. Overview video about the core values at the University of Michigan
    b. Inclusion: a core value at the University of Michigan
    c. Equity: a core value at the University of Michigan
  2.  Discuss the following questions with your team:
    a. What were your thoughts about the video?
    b. What behaviors have you observed in our work environment that support the value?
    c. What actions can we uphold in our workplace to support this value?
    d. What is one thing we can do to recognize team members when we see this value in action?
  3. Ask your team for ideas on how to continue the conversation around the university’s core values. Identify a next step based on the discussion.
  4. Thank your team members for taking the time to discuss the values together.
Helpful Logistical Tips:
  1. Select a date and time for this activity
  2. Send an invitation to your team members using the team’s preferred method.
    a. Template coming soon
  3. Populate the template with the link to the video you have selected for discussion.
  4. Consider hosting regular/ongoing conversation clubs to watch and discuss each of the videos provided.

Information about conversation clubs may be an additional support as you design and carry out your conversation club!